plotting out the playoffs

Back during the World Cup, in addition to all of the articles and podcasts and events hosted, I made a World Cup wall chart that proved pretty popular with the kids on the internet.

Some printed it out the bracket and pasted it up on their cubicle walls. Others went and hung them on their refrigerators. One guy even blew it up huge and damn near covered an entire wall at his place with it. It was cool to see how many people enjoyed it, and as such, I was eager to put one together again when the opportunity arose.

And with the Major League Soccer MLS Cup Playoffs about to kick off this Thursday, it seems like that time has finally come. Thus, the fruits of my labor…

WSOTP - Blog - MLS Cup 2014 Bracket Updated

Below you’ll find a series links – in two different dimensions — where you can download and print out your own high-resolution copy to keep track of the MLS Cup Playoffs. I’ll also be updating the image above as the playoffs progress, so be sure to bookmark this page if you wanted an up-to-date bracket.

Just like during the summer’s World Cup, send me a picture of where you hang yours and I’ll be sure to tweet it out, put it up on the WSOTP Facebook page and/or give it a push on Instagram.

Also, don’t forget to join our MLS Cup Playoffs Pick’em league… we’ll be giving away a shirt from the WSOTP Shop as a prize to the winner! Deadline to join is this Thursday, so get on it.


3300 x 2250 (8.5″ x11″) Original Blank Template
4080 x 2550 (16:10 Widescreen) Original Blank Template
UPDATED 12/8/2014- 3300 x 2250  Updated Template
UPDATED 12/8/2014 – 4080 x 2250 Updated Wide Template

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      1. Hey John… you’re more than welcome to use the newest version on your site! I’ll be updating them again at the conclusion of the next two rounds too, just in case you want to keep it current.


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