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WSOTP - Blog - MLS Fantasy 2015.fwMany of our regular readers know of our love of fantasy soccer here at WSOTP. Not only am I an avid player of the virtual beautiful game, Jeremy and I talk about it on the #Pondcast and we’ve also hosted numerous fantasy leagues in which our followers and friends can compete alongside and against us. And with over 100 participants in this year’s WSOTP Fantasy Premier League, it was clear that many of you share the love of fantasy too.

So with the 2015 Major League Soccer season (supposedly) beginning this coming weekend, we figured we’d want to get in on the domestic fantasy action this year with you guys too.

But we’re not hosting just one fantasy league this time around. That’s right, we’re hosting TWO fantasy leagues: one in the “classic” format, and one in the “head-to-head” format.

And the surprises don’t stop there, either…

Though we usually award the winners of our fantasy leagues a shirt from our own WSOTP Shop, we realize that a domestic league should have domestic prizes. And admittedly — embarrassingly, even — our store is a bit short on designs in that genre at the moment. Luckily, our good friends at Clean Sheet Co. have generously partnered with us to provide the winner(s) of both our leagues a shirt of their choosing from their store!

The steps to join are simple enough:

  1. If you haven’t yet created one yet, head on over to the Official MLS Fantasy Site and create you team.
  2. Once you have a team, join one or both of our leagues by entering the league code or clicking on the direct link:
    1. WSOTP Classic Table: The fantasy game you all know and love, total points accumulated dictates your place in the table.
      LEAGUE CODE: 305-2719 (DIRECT LINK)
    2. WSOTP Head-to-Head League: Each week, your XI will be pitted against another side in the table. The team with the most points that week wins the match, and teams move up and down based on how they fare in those weekly contests.
      LEAGUE CODE: 305-2723 (DIRECT LINK)
  3. Pick your team before the Week 1 Deadline, this Friday, March 6th at 9pm.
  4. Watch games, make transfers and set line ups throughout the season
  5. Collect the Clean Sheet Co. shirt of your choosing for winning the league(s) at the end of the season.

More About Clean Sheet Co.
Clean Sheet Co. is a stellar American apparel line brought to you by M.Willis, the soccer-loving designer behind some excellent MLS brand rethinks that have proven popular — and even producing soccer kits for ever Major League Baseball team — on the internets in recent times. In his own words: “Clean Sheet designs a particular kind of apparel, inspired by the color and iconography of athletic competition. With each design, we try to capture the essence of fanatically loving sport.”  Those designs include the 32 Nations Line from last summer’s World Cup, and a personal-favorite in the USMNT-inspired Gadsen.

His latest project? The equally impressive “States” line, where a shirt is will eventually be unveiled for all 50 states. The second batch of five were just released.Clean Sheet Co. The States Line Volume 2 You know you want one. I do. And I haven’t even seen Ohio’s yet. Anyway, these threads should be more than enough motivation for you to get in on the action.

FYI: Upon the season’s conclusion, we’ll announce the winner(s) here on the blog and making a bunch of noise about it on social media to let you know. At that point, the winner(s) will need to get in touch to provide their shirt selection, shirt size and an address shipping address we can ship it to. For more information, get in touch with us here.

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