pic of the week 8/7-8/13

WSOTP - Blog - Balotelli Mohawk Shoe.fw

Just because Mario Balotelli has to labeen relegated to selection hell at Liverpool — unable to be sold, but of no use to the manager — that doesn’t mean you can keep his personality off the pitch. And you can thank his boot sponsor, Puma, for that.

Above are a new pair of boots from Balotelli’s new line of Puma boots, which at first glance aren’t all that dissimilar to most of the boots on the market today. It features a pretty standard blue and white, accented with gold — presumably because that’s the metal all of his toilets are made out of. But numerous Mario-customizations can be found on closer inspection. There’s his signature in gold on the side. One of his most famous catchphrases — “Why Always Me” — is plastered on the outside of the heel, too. But most striking of all the Balo-features is a line of what appears to be human hair down the heel, meant to replicate the Italian striker’s well-known hairdo. Though there’s no word on whether that’s really hair cut off of Balotelli’s head, or some Italian-made synthetic human hair that Puma spent years developing.

If for some crazy reason you feel the need to have Balotelli’s hair on your feet, you better hope you’ve got little ones: the new Balotelli Mohawk Pumas are only available in youth sizes.

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