pic of the week 9/28-9/4

Carragher and Henry react to Rodger's Firing

This week’s Pic of the Week not only captured a moment in time when several people received news they weren’t quite expecting, but also the different reactions that surprise news can induce within that group of people.

On the right, we find an unnamed Sky Sports host breaking the news to the in-stadium studio panel after Arsenal-Manchester United that Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers had been handed his marching orders by the club brass. On the left, we have three very different responses to said news:

  • On the far right we find former Liverpool player and manager, Graeme Souness. Confusingly for a man who has such deep ties to the club, his face doesn’t show much emotion at all — particularly compared to the other two. But it does seem as if he’s either A) contemplating whether or not his name might be on Liverpool’s shortlist of replacements, or B) eyeing a meat pie on the food cart off camera.
  • In the middle, we find a man who routinely terrorized Liverpool back lines and fans alike for a decade in ex-Arsenal hit man, Thierry Henry. Henry’s reaction is awesome. He not only looks surprised, but also quite possibly bemused. As for whether the light placement of his hand on the other former Liverpoool man’s leg to his right was a purely innocent gesture or straight trolling? I’m hoping its the latter.
  • Last but not least, the man on the far left, Scouser-for-life Jamie Carragher, reacts to the news with a face that’s clearly concealing really, really, really clenched teeth. Is he angry at Rodgers? Maybe. Is he sad for his old club. Possibly. Did someone just tell him they planned to kick his dog? I wouldn’t rule it out. And believe it or not, the look he gives immediately after this shot might make it even better. But one thing I am absolutely sure of: I don’t think Henry’s consoling touch is doing anything to put out the rage out in Carragher’s eyes.

If you’re taking any joy in looking at the scene above, be sure to catch the video of the incident — its predictably awesome.

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