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The best of the best from the blog, series and subject postings and the articles that I’m most proud of, the “Featured Posts” of WSOTP might just be worth your time to read.

FeaturesGear reviews, special interest stories, and interviews — this is a one stop shop for all the posts that were deemed to have enough quality to earn the distinction of being called feature. These are often the most popular postings on the site.
InterviewsThere are so many facets of the modern game, it’s often difficult to comprehend it all. But by speaking to those who live and breath it — from players to gear manufacturers, bar keeps to club administrators — I look to gain a deeper understanding of the sport that we all love.
I WantI’m obsessed with football gear and memorabilia. And if it weren’t for my wife, I would probably blow far more of my money on it than I could ever afford. But that doesn’t stop me from still wanting it.
Soccer HistoryWith the globalization of the game making it ever easier to keep tabs on all of the various leagues around the world, it can be hard to remember how got here in the first place. I examine various moments, teams and clubs that changed history of the modern game.
Wrong Side XIAt some point or another, we’ve all dreamed of constructing our very own superstar team of players. The Wrong Side XI is my position-by-position breakdown of the team I once wanted to construct.
Open LettersThose in the soccer spotlight often forget their place in the world. Sometimes they abuse their power, sometimes they don’t think before they speak. And every so often, I feel compelled to call them out… publicly.
News/Round UpsEach and every day, there are far more intriguing stories and interesting links from the world of football than the average human being could ever hope to link. That said, I still try. And each week, I compile a list of 10 that I think are worth sharing with you readers.

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