This past weekend had it all: an Arsenal-United smackdown, a five-goal masterclass from Sergio Agüero, yet another Chelsea trip up, one manager quitting despite a positive result, and another manager losing his job after a somewhat positive result. Oh yeah, and there was USA-Mexico roster release that’s inspiring loads of questions of yet another manager, and […]

Let’s start this off by acknowledging that in the world of modern football, there is nary a manager that isn’t in a hot seat. Results matter more than ever — thanks 24-hour news cycle — and any changes in management must produce results immediately. If they don’t, cutting your losses and moving on is the norm. It’s very […]

Well that didn’t feel like a very long break, did it? Actually, it’s been just a few weeks since Jeremy and DJ last sat down together with their mics to talk about soccer. But with the Premier League due to resume action this coming weekend, that means it was time to resurrect the #Pondcast. As such, we’re […]

Congratulations listeners: you’ve survived another season of the WSOTP Podcast! With the conclusion of the Premier League season this past weekend, this week’s episode will serve as the “finale” of Season 2 of the #Pondcast. Though worry not, we’ll be back sporadically throughout the summer to provide updates on the Champions League, Women’s World Cup, MLS and who […]

No matter what your cup of tea is when it comes to world football, odds are there’s a segment in Episode 35 of the podcast that will tickle your fancy. You like the Premier League? We’ve got thoughts on Liverpool’s title surge and the growing scrap at the bottom of the table — plus Spurs […]

Not that this is that surprising, but a good chunk of my friends are also American soccer fans. Many are level headed, normal fans with relatively mundane opinions about the sport. But one in particular happens to have a near-constant stream of bullish, polarizing and/or ridiculous nonsense spilling from his brain instead. Most of it […]