It may just be me, but the summer tours by European clubs are nothing more than a gigantic tease. All summer long, we’ve had to make do with watching international football (or not watching it, in the case of watching the Copa America in the U.S.) and patiently wait for the club season to resume. […]

The international game is back in focus now that the European club season has come to a close. It’s a special time, as rival fans put aside their differences in united support of their national teams. And luckily, there is no shortage or lack of variety in international fixtures to distract us from the summer […]

With the visual overhaul of the blog still ongoing, not to mention the need to continue to write for it too, I realized this morning that I reallly need to post this TWOL before the majority of these stories become outdated. If you happened to have read any of the following links already, just be […]

there’s just enough time for me to squeeze out another round-up for your reading enjoyment this saturday. i’m sure you’ll find my rants to be quite entertaining today: niall quinn ‘despises’ sunderland fans who watch foreign broadcasts – oh cry me a river mr. quinn; apparently being a club chairman does not require you […]

i don’t know about the rest of you, but my fantasy team is taking a beating this season. it’s like any semblance of any football understanding has vacated my brain, rendering the equivalent of this type of soccer fan. i just can’t figure it out this year, and it’s infuriating. in fact, unless you can […]

it’s often extremely difficult as a man to express one’s emotions. we’re all supposed to be stoic and told to ignore our feelings. instead we should be off doing manly things like building bridges with our bare hands, and crushing skulls on our hairy chests whenever someone insults our favored clubs. but let’s be honest: […]

We’re taking a small departure from my normal subject matter in this post,straying away from the headlines that are dominating other blogs. It’s a somewhat difficult thing to do right now in the world of football, considering the closing of the transfer window (another ho-hum window I might add… van der Vaart to Spurs the […]

This past weekend was just about too much for me to handle. I was on footballing cloud nine to be honest. There were a host of mouthwatering match-ups that kept my TV working overtime: the Mereyside Derby, Aston Vlla/Tottenham, a Big Four North London Derby and, of course, el Clásico. All were entertaining matches, no […]

are you really wanting to read two week old articles? fantastic. i have a few of those for you in this update. however, there are some goodies in here that i think are worth reading. oh and by the way, i’m so glad the season has finally started. while i love the beginning of transfer […]