round up #3

are you really wanting to read two week old articles? fantastic. i have a few of those for you in this update. however, there are some goodies in here that i think are worth reading.

oh and by the way, i’m so glad the season has finally started. while i love the beginning of transfer season, but by the end of it i’m sick of hearing the same player linked 17 to different clubs. and i’m sure you are too, so that’s why i’ll keep the transfer rumors to a minimum in this round-up! i doubt you’re as excited about that as i am… oh well. enjoy and share your thoughts and comments as always.

wenger’s super strong warning –
the idea has certainly been kicked around before, but arsenal manager arsene wenger predicts that a european super league will develop within the next ten years to replace the champions league, a thought which has me profoundly conflicted. on one hand, it includes the clubs from smaller countries and big leagues alike, and forces them to qualify and earn their spot in the competition. it’s “fair.” on the other hand, how succulent would it be to have the best teams from europe competing solely against one another by withdrawing from their domestic leagues? mouth watering if you ask me. but then again, you would be excluding other clubs from joining the league at any future point. how do they pick who get’s to be in this league? it will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

booing david beckham means u.s. soccer is finally credible –
remember when beckham first came back from his extended loan at a.c. milan and returned to mls, and he kept getting berated by sections of the mls fan base? my favorite writer in the world of football, the telegraph’s mike norrish argues that because of these fans finally giving our league’s biggest star the hard time he definitely deserves, our country has finally become a truly credible footballing nation. a great read, for sure.

the one with all of the lying –

i just couldn’t help myself. no sense in lying to us, right lil’ ade?

u.s. team, mls helps soccer gain a new consciousness in the u.s. –
an interesting piece by greg lalas. not alexi lalas of u.s. national team fame, but his brother.  i didn’t even know he had a brother. anyway, lalas make some excellent points about how the other football is finally gainging in mainstream popularity. have you noticed that they actually talk about mls on sporscenter now? or that there is an actual buzz surrounding tomorrow night’s world cup qualifier in mexico city? maybe the sport is finally catching on in this country.

barcelona rule out fabregas move –
barça coach pep guardiola has publicly ruled out making a move for cesc… this season. while i love this news, mostly because i would be crushed to have my favorite player move to the hated rivals of my favorite team. pep is a wise man, and he understands that arsenal are not going sell their most prized asset after selling off as much as they have this summer. but the puzzling thing about this article is it’s claim that former gunner emmanuel adebayor said that he expects cesc to leave if arsenal are knocked out of the champions league this week by celtic. why would barcelona shell out all of that money to get a player they would be cup-tied for the champions league? further proof that adebayor is an idiot.

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