it’s so unsurprising, but now that i find myself with more time to write than i can remember, there hasn’t been as much going on to write about for these (somewhat) regular news rounds ups. lucky for you, i’ve scoured the deepest reaches of the interwebs to dig up some interesting tidbits that you might […]

are you really wanting to read two week old articles? fantastic. i have a few of those for you in this update. however, there are some goodies in here that i think are worth reading. oh and by the way, i’m so glad the season has finally started. while i love the beginning of transfer […]

in what i think will become a semi-regular posting, i’d like to present the first edition of the “round up.” we’ll quickly take a look around a few short news stories that i found interesting, but don’t have a whole lot to say about… yet. we’ll sell cesc… for £40m – the sun in an […]