i’m ashamed. it’s one of those times, as a fan, that i would rather not tell anyone who i follow. if i did, this is how i would imagine the conversation going… other guy –“oh, you support madrid? aren’t those the guys who spent 93.2 gazillion dollars this summer on like five players?” me – […]

you would think that most of the world’s soccer eyes would be cast upon european competition this week. and with so many intriguing plot lines for champions league match day 5, it would be normal to think that way (my favorite: will liverpool be able to pull off another european miracle and keep their hopes […]

i’ve been a busy boy the past week, so i haven’t had much time to do any writing. so here’s a quick news round up to make up for it… cristiano ronaldo is right. it’s over for the premier league – telegraph an interesting piece by the telegraph’s mike norrish, who makes a case for […]

i won’t lie… i’ve been doing my damndest to hold my tongue and keep from gloating so far this summer. i don’t want to be the spoiled kid bragging to his guests at his own birthday party about all of the sweet presents he just got. but it’s so freaking hard. how am i supposed […]