Whether you’ve noticed it or not, I’ve been pretty quiet on Twitter the last two weeks thanks to an overbearing workload in my real world job. The timing for this pickup in work has been — to put it mildly — abhorrently poor, thanks in large part to the Euros kicking off last Friday. And while my […]

I feel a bit like a bad boyfriend right now, one who’s been accused of ignoring my long-term girlfriend for a while, since I haven’t posted in a week. And even though it appears that I’ve not been working on it — ignoring the fact this TWOL post has been sitting around for at least […]

Sometimes you want something to happen so badly for such a long time, that when the moment finally comes where you get what you’ve desired for so long, you often don’t know how to react to the situation. It’s an odd feeling, especially when you’ve probably pictured the moment a hundred times beforehand and just […]