ten words or less #55

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, I’ve been pretty quiet on Twitter the last two weeks thanks to an overbearing workload in my real world job. The timing for this pickup in work has been — to put it mildly — abhorrently poor, thanks in large part to the Euros kicking off last Friday. And while my weekends have been open enough to ensure time for tweeting throughout the matches, the week days have been another story entirely. I’ve only mustered around two dozen tweets over the workweek, which might just be my lowest output since I started using the world’s most A.D.D. of social networks.

Storm Donetsk Euro 2012
thanks to my DVR, i haven’t had to miss any of the electric moments of euro 2012.

So with my thoughts being muted to a certain extent, I realized I haven’t provided much thought about the Euros to this point. Which sucks, because it’s been an absolutely fantastic tournament thus far. But thanks to the already mentioned heavy workload, I haven’t had much time to pen a full length post about the happenings in Ukraine and Poland, either.

With that in mind, I’ve prepared this special-edition, all-Euro 2012 version of my weekly TWOL post. Below you’ll find 10 of my favorite story lines, moments and events from the first week of the European Championships.

Happy just to be here? Irish supporters still the best. – kckrs.com

The most entertaining moment of the Holland-Germany match. – reddit.com/r/soccer

Ohhhhhh…. so that explains why Ronaldo’s been playing so poor. – dirtytackle.net

That this was intentional is what makes this brilliant. – youtube.com

The downpour in Donetsk in photos. – huffingtonpost.com

Giuseppe Vecchio Barbieri give us some excellent desktop wallpapers options.
–  behance.net

Sheva’s fairy tale night in Kiev. – guardian.co.uk

Italian Balotelli fans: you’re doing it wrong. – instagram.com

Spain 4-6-0 vs. Italy’s 3-5-2: a tactical nerd’s wet dream. – zonalmarking.net

The Russians who snuck this in must have massive cajones. – getty.com

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    1. Hey JUDDy… things should be a little slower for me this week, so I should have enough time to produce a more “opinionated” Euros article after the group stages wrap up. And a small hint about these TWOL posts: mouse over any of the links — but don’t click — and you’ll get a thought or two more on each topic. And also, thanks for reading and commenting!


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