Though I’m admittedly still on a bit of an adrenaline high just over two hours after the United States’ “historic” win in the Azteca — I won’t elaborate further on it, as tonight’s win has spawned another full-length post where I’ll delve into the topic in greater detail. But it still feels good to beat […]

There was a package of awesome sitting on the front stoop when I got home from work last Friday. I knew it would be there. Like an impatient twelve-year-old before Christmas, I’d been tracking the package on UPS’s website hourly for at least the previous day and a half. Knowing it had been sitting there […]

I admit that I’m really trying to steer clear of transfer rumors stories in my latest Round-Up and TWOL posts, mainly because I’ll need something to write for the rest of the summer. That said, there are some stories below that do mention theĀ possibilitiesĀ of transfers, so don’t skewer me when you come across it. As […]

Not that I’m telling you anything new, but your average American sports fan’s knowledge of association football is extremely limited. Many, if not most, have literally zero knowledge about soccer. But if they do have just a bit of room in their brain for it after squeezing in as much knowledge about American idol, the […]

what a weekend. real madrid finally got over their scoring “drought” by slaughtering deportivo. tottenham staged another comeback win on the back of a van der vaart brace (i really, really hope this isn’t becoming a trend… it’s going to catch up with them eventually if so). and my sunday league team moved to the […]