it’s been over a week and the anger persists. every time i think about it, i still start to boil over in a fit of rage.¬†and if you’re an american soccer fan, i don’t doubt that you feel the exact same way. and all this hate can be attibuted to just one man. yes, i’m […]

these “ten words or less” posts are fantastic little things. i love being able to bang them out in less than 20 minutes, especially when a normal post takes me, at minimum, an hour (but usually more like three). and with the transfer rumor mill spitting out doozies already (i will not talk about the […]

sure, most of the club soccer world is [supposed] to be on international break this weekend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a boatload going on in the world of football this weekend. MLS’s conference finals are this weekend (i’m watching the LA-houston game as i write this). the NCAA D3 soccer championships started this […]