ten words or less #3

we knew maradona was crazy, but i bet you didn't know that he was homicidal too, did you?

these “ten words or less” posts are fantastic little things. i love being able to bang them out in less than 20 minutes, especially when a normal post takes me, at minimum, an hour (but usually more like three). and with the transfer rumor mill spitting out doozies already (i will not talk about the spanish team trying to sign the spanish kid from the english team), and the world cup providing us with an endless stream of content, there really isn’t a better way to address the tsunami of stories i want to share.

so it’s about time for the third edition. let’s go.

maradona will run you over and call you an asshole – telegraph.co.uk

ibrahimovic and pique… gay lovers? you be the judge – momento24.com

if yugoslavia was still around, they would be sick – thirdkit.com

who would win if 100 kids played a pro side? – metro.co.uk …with video!

inter milan’s new away kit in one word: serpents – todosobrecamisetas.blogspot.com

propoganda spin or not, this is kinda scary – soccernet.com

transfer fodder: liverpool want everyone, but have no money – thespoiler.co.uk

unwed father of 13 loves football, is crazy – bbc.co.uk

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