with the new season already begun in some parts of europe, and the premiership set kicking off this weekend, i’m obviously all sorts of amped up. the constant stream of football news has shifted away from world cup stories and has thinned of transfer rumors (though they are certainly not anywhere close to ending… ever). […]

the regular four year reports  that the business world suffered a drastic decrease in productivity due to the world cup are starting to spill out, and those monitoring the economy are probably breathing a sigh of relief now that the tournament is over. fret not though my dear readers, as i’m still finding plenty of […]

two months after my last round up post, and i have finally gathered up enough stories to put together one of these. and upon further thought, it comes off as pretty stupid of me, because since then i’ve created a whole other type of links post since then to accomodate the supposedly “huge” amount of […]

Sixty games into this World Cup finals, and with only four left to go, I can’t help but feel like this tournament has had some distinct, tournament-wide trends. While there have been some outliers, I feel like these themes have been prevalent in nearly every match. That’s how it feels to me at least. And since […]

it’s been over a week and the anger persists. every time i think about it, i still start to boil over in a fit of rage. and if you’re an american soccer fan, i don’t doubt that you feel the exact same way. and all this hate can be attibuted to just one man. yes, i’m […]

way back in january, i wrote the longest blog post i’ve ever written outlining who i thought bob bradley would be taking to south africa this summer. i’ve been anxiously awaiting the day bob would finally announce his 23-man roster, just to see how well i would do predicting bob’s simple mind. that day has […]

these “ten words or less” posts are fantastic little things. i love being able to bang them out in less than 20 minutes, especially when a normal post takes me, at minimum, an hour (but usually more like three). and with the transfer rumor mill spitting out doozies already (i will not talk about the […]