A little over ten years ago, a new template for running a football club was established when Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich assumed control of Chelsea. Abramovich’s plan was simple — even if possibly nefarious: dump mountains of cash into the club to acquire top level talent on the field and off, and as such, win trophies with […]

As Americans, we’ve reached a weird point in the soccer calendar. Just as we’re getting warmed up to and getting a feel for the European season, we’re getting to “squeaky bum time” in the MLS season with the playoffs just around the corner. And because of that, it sure seems like there’s more news pouring out of […]

Alright. Enough is enough. This whole thing is really starting to spiral out of control. It’s not like this is a revelation or anything. Everyone knows finances in European football have completely gotten out of hand. Football mirroring life once again, it’s impossible to miss just how easily the rich are get richer while the […]

Much in the world of football is cyclical. Each leagues’ yearly seasons are the easiest examples of this. But larger scale tournaments happen over longer, repeating periods: World Cups, European Championships and Asian Cups all take place in four-year cycles, while the rest of the world’s confederations operate on two-year ones — well, most of the […]

The international game is back in focus now that the European club season has come to a close. It’s a special time, as rival fans put aside their differences in united support of their national teams. And luckily, there is no shortage or lack of variety in international fixtures to distract us from the summer […]

Sometimes you have to wonder if humanity would ever get anything done if it weren’t for disasters. It took a massive hurricane for New Orleans –a city stupidly built below sea level on a river delta–  to actually spend any money to build adequate levies to prevent rising river/lake/sea water from ravaging the city. Japan needed to […]

it’s another european week, and i’ve been busy trying to keep my dvr from choking to death on all of the games i’m making it record. i’m also trying to keep my brain from choking to death on all of the analyzing that is required to understand why madrid can’t score more than one time […]

time for another quick glance around the world’s football landscape. reina plays down liverpool’s title chances – soccernet.com i honestly would love to see liverpool finally end their 20 year wait for their 19th english top flight championship, for two reasons: 1) it would put an end to this mundane run of manchester united and […]

well, well, well… it looks like fifa and uefa finally grew a pair. the world governing body has been threatening for years that they would be clamping down on various activities in the game, but never really doled out any tough love for those that infringed upon these prohibited practices. first it was hooliganism, next […]