ten words or less #9

why, hello there... creep.

it’s another european week, and i’ve been busy trying to keep my dvr from choking to death on all of the games i’m making it record. i’m also trying to keep my brain from choking to death on all of the analyzing that is required to understand why madrid can’t score more than one time against auxerre…. auxerre! oh well, at least they won. now whether or not tottenham will crap the bed today against fc twente, well let’s not hold our breath.

in the mean time, enjoy the links below to keep you satisfied until today’s kickoff(s):

cave man modeling is not hot. – whoateallthepies.tv

aannnddd… now we should lock the door behind him! – unprofessionalfoul.com

the first guy was maradona to a T. – youtube.com

“shooting themselves in the foot” seems the right phrase. – soccerlens.com

lack of confidence, or brilliant plan? not quite sure. – skysports.com

don’t want to be a moron? then understand uefa coefficients. – theoffiside.com

big sam receives the deserved haha treatment. – guardian.co.uk

you’ll be creeped out by von bommel and müller. – dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

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