WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas - Soccer Bar Directory

The WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas is the first crowd-sourced, Google Maps-based American and Canadian soccer bar directory on the web. The aim is to not only list every bar, pub and restaurant on this side of the pond that’s friendly to the beautiful game, but also let you know what they have on tap — both channels and beers — whether they will be open for early kickoffs and other critical information.

Unlike other soccer bar directories out there, the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas gathers information on all of its listings from readers like you. That way you have in-depth, first-hand information at your disposal to help you find the right bar to watch your match. Each little orange map marker above should provide:

as featured on The Free Beer Movement

  • where they’re located.
  • whether they’ll open for early kickoffs.
  • the television networks they carry.
  • supporters groups calling the pub home.
  • the low down on the beer selection.
  • some general notes about the atmosphere, food and other details.
  • and their social media contacts.

With over 270 listings in 45 states and 5 provinces, odds are you’ll be able to find a spot to watch a game. But if you know of a location that’s not listed but should be — or a listing that needs updating — help out your fellow fans by filling out this quick form and I’ll have it added in short order.

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10 thoughts on “

  1. I am a Spurs supporter and will be visiting family in San Francisco when THFC will have a fixture against Chelsea. I plan on being at the Mad Dog In The Fog at 4:45 AM Pacific Time to watch the game. If I was at home I would be watching at 7:45. this is my life. What can I say. No offense, but, I cannot see how your directory can be anymore efficient then the one where I found where I can watch one of the most important fixtures for my side this season.

    • As a fellow Spurs supporter, I’m glad to see how dedicated you are to watching Spurs. I’m the same way whenever my travels take me out West! And while I’m glad you were able to find a location through other means, just think of this project as just another offering that provides a little more information. Who knows, maybe it will be useful for you in the future? Either way, thanks for stopping by and enjoy that match against Chelsea… COYS!

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  4. T0 update a listing I saw: Mavis Winkle’s in Independence, OH

    TV’s ESPN’s, FSC, BeIN Sports… or any other method necessary to watch the USMNT.

    Opens early for USMNT Matches (we’ve watched at 8:00am)

    Comments: Bring the RUCKUS… and enjoy a “Bedoya Bomb”

  5. Great site! A couple of more corporate pubs in columbus that have the matches on would be The Pub-Polaris and Claddagh- Brewery District

    • There’s also Chicago Fire SC and Orlando City SC… so not everyone is adopting the football. And to be honest, calling it a “Football Pub Atlas” would create a lot of ambiguity between whether this is a map for “soccer bars” or “American football bars”.

  6. Please update Chappy’s Tap Room & Grille
    Supporter Groups: Manchester United Supporters Group of Dayton, USMNT
    Beer Selection: Great selection of craft beers. One of the best in Dayton!
    On the TV: FSC, FSC+, ESPN’s, BeIN, NBCSN.

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