WSOTP x the free beer movement

WSOTP x The Free Beer Movement
wrong side of the pond is teaming up with the free beer movement to help you find a pub to watch your game.

Despite regularly claiming that I live on the wrong side of the pond, things have actually gotten much better for American soccer fans as of late. Football has, if nothing else, gained respect in the American sporting arena — just don’t ask Sepp Blatter his thoughts on the matter. The reasons for this surge in popularity are many and varied: the successes for the USMNT and UWSNT, better on-field product both in MLS and Americans abroad, and the increased exposure of European leagues.

But there’s also been organic growth, too, brought upon by the American fans hoping to make soccer more accepted among their non-converted peers. One of the leaders in those efforts are the stalwarts over at The Free Beer Movement. Their mission is simple:  to educate not-yet-converted, but willing, friends, family, and colleagues in exchange for a beer here and there. And unsurprisingly, the movement has caught wind and is helping soccer attract new fans in the US.

Well, today, I’m pleased to announce that WSOTP is partnering with FBM to help existing and new fans alike to find a soccer-friendly, hospitable environment to take in a match! Through this collaboration, the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas will be featured on the to aid those looking for a pub or bar to watch their games. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, be sure to mosey on over to FBM’s site to check out what they have to offer. And if you like the sound of the idea, start thinking of a friend to drag along to the bar for the next game you go to watch. After all, are they really going to turn down a free beer?!

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