ten words or less #102

Matchday - MLS Cup Final 2014

With a big match on the horizon this weekend in domestic football — you know, the MLS Cup Final — we thought it high time to gather the local readers/supporters together again with another watch party at our favorite local pub, Rhinehaus in Over-the-Rhine. So if you happen to be in Cincinnati this coming Sunday (12/7), be sure to swing by to have a pint with the #Pondcast team and watch as Landon does battle with Jones in the former’s last ever professional soccer match. In fact, if you are going to be in town, let us know you’re attending by RSVPing here.

In the mean time, entertain yourselves by following any of the ten links below that I dug up from around the wide world web over the last week.

TLDR; more trebles because rich teams are getting richer. – espnfc.com

If MLS sides’ shirt sponsors were local(ish) breweries. – backheel.com

Tottenham’s fall can all be blamed on John Terry. – cartilagefreecaptain.com

Interesting look at dollars spent per win/point in MLS. – dtfsoccer.wordpress.com

Classic Sepp: absolving FIFA while blaming others. – foxsports.com

Besides a few owners/league offices, everyone agrees with Robbie. – irishexaminer.com

This backheel assist from Chicharito is the stuff of legend. – gfycat.com

This most valuable clubs in the Americas list is… interesting. – forbes.com.mx

A nice gesture. But Dortmund do this every year. – independent.co.uk

Western Sydney Wanderers are Australia’s BVB. – a-league.com.au

let’s make this thing happen

The talk has been going on for ages. The numbers are there to make it happen. I’ve seen them with my own eyes, multiple times. But for one reason or another, it’s just never gotten up off the ground.

However, that may be about to change…

American Outlaws Dayton

That’s right kids, Dayton may finally get their own chapter of the American Outlaws… but we need your help.

The Outlaws, if you’re not familiar with them, are easily the largest and most vocal of the “unofficial” supporters groups of the US National Teams. There are vibrant chapters of AO in neighboring cities such as Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis and Louisville — hell, even Akron has one. But for reasons unknown, Dayton’s never managed to gather sufficient numbers to maintain a chapter of their own. Which has always seemed odd to me, given the regular, large showings of support for US Men’s and Women’s matches over the last two to three years at bars such as Chappy’s Taphouse in West Carrolton and The Pub in Beavercreek.

But thanks to the hard work of some impassioned fans, the Gem City’s luck might be about to change. Beginning with tonight’s tune-up against Guatemala and running through at least the end of the Gold Cup group matches, a still unofficial gathering of American Outlaws will take place at Centerville’s brand new Lock 27 Brewing.

The aim? To attempt to coax all of Dayton’s US National Team fans into accumulating at a single location, for a single, unified showing of support. So why not throw on your kit and grab your favorite scarf and join your fellow fans? With good beer, good company and football on the television, you could really do worse. And if you enjoy the experience and want to make it a regular thing (not to mention take advantage of all of the sweet perks), pony up $24 to become an official member of AO Dayton. If the group can nail down 25 memberships, AO will give them their blessing to become an official chapter.

If you’re sold on the idea already, you could even join American Outlaws right now — just be sure to write in “Dayton” as your chapter. Also, be sure to check out the newly minted AO Dayton Facebook page and give it a like, as well.

So come out and join us. Be a part of something bigger. And let’s cheer on our boys like right and proper supporters. And if that’s still not enough to convince you, let’s do this Free Beer Movementstyle: if you’re the first one to find me at tonight’s match… your first drink is on me.

snow clásico


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Someone get Punxsutawney Phil on the phone, because that bastard is a liar. Like most meteorologists, the over sized rodent didn’t see his shadow which meant winter was over with. We even passed the March equinox two days before kickoff, so we’re … Continue reading

ten words or less #70

USA vs Costa Rica World Cup Qualifier

if this excellent promotional poster doesn’t get you amped up for tonight’s USMNT match… i don’t know what will.

It’s been a busy week here at WSOTP. This is my fourth post in less than a week, which has to be a blog record. Hopefully everyone’s been eating it up.

But as you might expect, the events that have dominated my attention over the last few days have to be crucial the upcoming pair of US men’s national team World Cup qualifiers. In the lead up for that, I’ve been busy promoting watch parties in Dayton, OH, as well as helping others to find bars/parties to watch those matches all over the country by promoting the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas (And be sure to peep the sidebar to check it out yourself). And of course, I’ve been obsessing over the match-ups themselves.

Anyway, if you’re anything like me, and you are impatiently waiting for tonight’s kickoff, here are some of my favorite links from around the interwebz over the last week to help keep you entertained until then.

The Free Beer Movement suddenly becomes a Middlesborough fan. – dirtytackle.net

I’m not sure how, but AVB’s brilliance is still underestimated. – thescore.com

I would get married again just to have this cake. – facebook.com

Will anyone call this third party ownership if it happens? – mirror.co.uk

Consider yourself a dedicated fan no longer. This is dedication. – guardian.co.uk

This would be so nostalgic. – phillysoccerpage.net

I might need to update my isolated pitches list. – inbedwithmaradona.com

Ole Gunnar Solskjær is so meta. – kckrs.com

Club president quits post to take the pitch… and score. – eluniverso.com
Warning: Spanish.

If you’ve got $20 to burn, why not learn to design kits. – skillshare.com

WSOTP x the free beer movement

WSOTP x The Free Beer Movement

wrong side of the pond is teaming up with the free beer movement to help you find a pub to watch your game.

Despite regularly claiming that I live on the wrong side of the pond, things have actually gotten much better for American soccer fans as of late. Football has, if nothing else, gained respect in the American sporting arena — just don’t ask Sepp Blatter his thoughts on the matter. The reasons for this surge in popularity are many and varied: the successes for the USMNT and UWSNT, better on-field product both in MLS and Americans abroad, and the increased exposure of European leagues.

But there’s also been organic growth, too, brought upon by the American fans hoping to make soccer more accepted among their non-converted peers. One of the leaders in those efforts are the stalwarts over at The Free Beer Movement. Their mission is simple:  to educate not-yet-converted, but willing, friends, family, and colleagues in exchange for a beer here and there. And unsurprisingly, the movement has caught wind and is helping soccer attract new fans in the US.

Well, today, I’m pleased to announce that WSOTP is partnering with FBM to help existing and new fans alike to find a soccer-friendly, hospitable environment to take in a match! Through this collaboration, the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas will be featured on the http://www.thefreebeermovement.com to aid those looking for a pub or bar to watch their games. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, be sure to mosey on over to FBM’s site to check out what they have to offer. And if you like the sound of the idea, start thinking of a friend to drag along to the bar for the next game you go to watch. After all, are they really going to turn down a free beer?!