It All Makes Sense Now

My fiancée Amie and I were watching the US Soccer team’s Confederations Cup semifinal against Spain the other night, and she had a moment of brilliance. She finally pinned what (not who) Bob Bradley looks like…

hello, detective
Hello, Detective.

Many have long suspected monotone Bob is a robot. But he’s not just any robot. Specifically, he is “Sonny” from the Will Smith movie I, Robot.

Take a look at that picture. Dead ringer. You couldn’t convince me otherwise.

And, this revelation explains so much. In the first few games of the Confederations Cup, they had the old Robo-Bradley out there. Shitty software, with poor decision-making engines overloaded, could be held responsible for embarrassing losses to Italy and Brazil that lacked any sense of a plan. Then in the Egypt and Spain games, they either upgraded his software or replaced him with a newer model.

If you can think of a better explanation for the results, please divulge. The evidence seems pretty irrefutable.

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