awful adebayor

honestly, i’ve written more this season about adebayor than i even care to think about. at this point, i would almost rather not talk about him anymore. he probably loves every bit of the reactions and press that he’s getting for all of his antics.

adebayor walks away from his bleeding victim
adebayor walks away from his bleeding victim

so, let’s get one thing straight about emmanuel adebayor: he is a reprehensible professional. i’m sure few would disagree with me at this point, but i’ll outline my reasoning none the less.

leading up to manchester city’s league encounter with arsenal, adebayor persistently trashed his former club’s fans. he whined that they turned on him in his final months with the team, giving him flack before he had even turned his back on them. ade even went as far as to say they were poor fans in general.

and in there defense, the gunner faithful had every reason to ride him. his last few months at the emirates were spent lacsidasically wandering around the field, putting in an effort that even anelka would find lazy. all the arsenal fans ever wanted for him to do was show that he cared and put in an effort. then he moves to cit-eh and he scores a goal in every match he plays in, busts his ass all over the pitch and even (gasp!) recovered to play some defense from time to time. more or less, the adebayor that the arsenal fans desired the last two season finally showed up… but playing for another team.

so naturally the north london supporters, having now been publicly insulted, were rightfully enraged. and everyone and their brother knew that the traveling fans would be all over him during the game on saturday.

with all of that in mind, emmanuel proceeded to run about the field like a rabid dog with a serious case of vengance. of course there was the well publicized stamp on van persie (see the video here). now the message boards all over the web have been flooded with city fans claiming that there is no clear evidence that he was trying to disfigure robin’s face… and they are all morons. you can see adebayor clearly look down and change the direction of his step. other city fans have tried to justify his actions because van persies tackle on adebayor was reckless. while the dutchman’s tackle was definitely risky, as adebayor could have had a broken leg, the togo striker’s reaction could have blinded his counterpart and ended his career. not exactly an eye for an eye.

and if you watched the game, the stamp on van persie wasn’t his only reckless behavior. he also tried to stamp on my man-crush fàbregas and unnecessarily slammed into william gallas for a ball that was already out of bounds. if i didn’t know any better, i would say that he hates all of his former teammates… and not just nicklas bendtner.

taunting and insults dont mix well
taunting and insults don't mix well

then the icing to adebayor’s prick cake was his well documented goal celebration. sure, the guy probably took a beating from the fans (potentially racist, too), and i’m sure he was extra motivated to score against his old side. but to sprint 90 yards to taunt the very fans you just spent the week insulting, well that’s just plain unprofessional. not to mention that 90 yard sprint probably took more effort than he had put in for their team the season before.

yes, the arsenal fans played their part as well. racist chants and throwing missiles, some of which injured a hapless city steward, are just as inexcusable as adebayor’s behavior. here’s hoping that the police and clubs are able to identify the guilty fans and ban them from the stadiums. however, you can understand the reason for their anger and outrage.

but adebayor’s behavior definitely warrants punishment, too. and with the FA announcing that they will be charging him for violent conduct for the stamp and improper conduct for his celebration, it seems that at least some action is being taken against him. there are even rumors that city were intensely embarrassed by his behavior and will be fining him. and though i’m sure there will be some sort of appeal, i hope the FA doesn’t back down this week in the same way that uefa backed off the eduardo diving incident.

long story short, adebayor’s actions during the arsenal match speak volumes about the type of player that he is. he is a classless, dirty footballer. he lacks respect for the fans, his former teammates and his current club. even more importantly, he lacks respect for himself and the amazing talent he possesses. if he had simply put out another sublime performance and acted properly, his club would be getting the proper attention they deserve instead of the negative press about his idiotic behavior.

it’s time to grow up ade. hopefully some time off the pitch will teach you a lesson or two.

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