round up #6

boatloads going on in the world of football lately. the champions league group stages have started up, the leagues are all in full swing, and even mls is reaching the point in the season where it gets fairly entertaining and interesting. here’s a small taste of what i found interesting over the last week or so.

MLS to break during 1st-round cup games –
after twelve years and three world cups, the geniuses at mls headquarters finally made the obvious choice to finally go on a break during [part of] the world cup. there have been many arguments as to why mls should have done this a long time ago, and they’re all right: mls teams will be robbed of many of their best players during this period, mls’ primary audience will already been watching approximately 90 hours of soccer a day and an mls match at the end will probably be oversaturation, we’re one of the only leagues in the world that isn’t on the fifa international calendar, and so on. this took way too long. if i can convince my fianceé to plan our wedding around next year’s world cup, mls can certainly do the same with at least part of their season.

only in the world of jens lehmann does a german man get dropped for going to oktoberfest
only in the world of jens lehmann does a german man get dropped for going to oktoberfest

jens lehmann dropped by stuttgart for attending beer festival –
we all know that the former germany and arsenal keeper is a moron, but just this once i have to stick up for the guy. after gifting cologne the winning goal being caught well out of position, lehman was spotted only hours later at the famed munich oktoberfest, the world’s great beer festival. stuttgart swiftly punished lehman, as he didn’t have “the club’s permission” to attend the event. it would be one thing if he went before the match (which would help explain his poor decision making). i’m sorry, but any german in germany should be allowed to attend oktoberfest if he so chooses. i’m shocked this isn’t a law over there.

tottenham transfer budget unaffected by training ground outlay –
spurs are about to break ground on their new £30 million training facility three miles to the north of white hart lane in enfield. the new training facility will help the yids to develop (and recruit) some of the top young talent in their academy, which will hopefully help the club keep in line with the premier league’s new home grown player quota. and i’m also really glad to hear that the money being spent on the training facility will not limit tottenham’s spending in the transfer market. then i thought a little bit more about it, and i realized something even more interesting. what tottenham spend on a state-of-the-art training ground, manchester united spends on dimitar berbatov. that’s when i realized, it doesn’t matter what we do… we can never compete with that.

the final countdown –
espn, always late to the party about reporting everything soccer related. anyway, here is a nice short bit about how chris would like to help chicago win an mls cup before he leaves, and how the club want to help him win one too. really. more or less, i’m just glad to see my boy getting a little more face time.

scored with a penalty supporter –
in soviet russia, players don’t take penalties… fans take penalties. this would be well worth the one year stadium ban!

(thanks for pointing this one out lippstick!)

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