rolfe update: on the mark in friendly win

so i’m a little late getting this posted, as i’ve been a little busy as of late: shoveling snow, watching the olympics, and pulling my hair out due to real madrid’s ineptitude in the champions league. but i figured better late than never, right?

chris rolfe for AaB
rolfe impressed in his debut for aalborg, featuring prominently in a friendly against agf aarhaus.

for those of you who follow former chicago fire striker chris rolfe, you know that his move to danish side aalborg bk (AaB for short) has made it difficult to keep tabs on him. the club’s official website features only in danish, which i think about 30 total people speak outside of denmark. chris hasn’t updated his personal website in a while either, so you’re not going to be getting news from him unless he cares to share it with you personally.

and seeing as how the danish superliga is currently on winter break, updates have been more sparse than normal. i’m guessing that once the league resumes play that i’ll still find it difficult to find much news about AaB… let alone a live feed to watch any of their matches (trust that i’ll share if i do find one, and do the same for me if you find one).  hell, doesn’t even have a page dedicated to the league or club. and they tend to cover relatively everything, especially as it pertains to americans.

lucky for you, i’ve been keeping tabs on the kettering, ohio, native and am willing to share. dilligence and google translation are my best friends in pursuit of news about the american international.

anyway, the whole point of this post is to let you know that chris has settled in nicely with aalborg despite the hellish winter conditions on the tip of the danish peninsula. through facebook conversations, he’s told me that he’s found an apartment and car, as well as started full-time training with AaB. the team is preparing to escape winter’s icy grips, leaving this weekend for a lengthy training spell in spain.

and in the build up to this trip they recently played a friendly against danish superliga side agf aarhaus. the good news to share? chris logged a full 90 and was arguably the star man in AaB’s 4-1 win. according to the team website (worry not, the link is translated), rolfe was dangerous throughout the match and contributed two assists and a goal.

however, i will give credit where credit is due, as i missed this latest tidbit on rolfe’s progress in europe. so many thanks to friend and fellow football enthusiast elliott tomes (@charliefiction) for tweeting this update to me.

obviously, this is a fantastic step forward for rolfe’s bold move to europe, as it’s the type of flying start we had all hoped for. and while it was only a friendly, it shows that he’s more than capable of competing at this level. hopefully this means we’ll be seeing chris get regular starts in the aalborg first team, especially if he can avoid the injury buy that often plagued his successful five year stint in MLS.

so keep up the hard work across the pond young rolfe, and know that we’re pulling for you back home. hopefuly i’ll be reading your name on the AaB website more in the near future… which would be nice because it’s one of the few words i recognize out of all of that danish gibberish.


  1. great article! ives doesn’t even have info on rolfe to date. keep up the good work! how did you get the photo of rolfe? paparazzi?


  2. seeing as how i’m always rolling in cash, finding a good danish paparazzi to snap pictures of chris is never a problem my blog has to worry about! thanks for the praise lippstick.


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