A second post in one day? This may seem impossible for wrong side of the pond, especially considering that it’s sometimes a struggle for me to pop out two in a week. But my regular readers know this kind of event can mean only one thing: Chris Rolfe must have done something special. And special […]

unlike most of us good folk here in the states that spent all of friday preparing for today’s coming rapture, the pagans over in denmark decided it was still okay to play some footie. so you could be forgiven if you missed the solid performance put in by chris rolfe for aalborg against silkeborg yesterday. […]

i have to say that one of the main (and many) reasons  i plan to never live in the outer suburbs of ft. wayne, indiana, is the crummy internet infrastructure. my parent’s live outside the city limits in a tiny, amish-dominated town, and around 75% of the time i spend there their web is either […]

if you’re like me, you’ve become frustrated with attempting to follow dayton, ohio’s favorite soccer player since chris rolfe made his move to denmark’s aalborg in january. it would be one thing if he had made a move to the premier league or the italian serie a, since the prevalent fox soccer channel would have […]