wanna watch rolfe play live?

you can now watch this nerd play again from the comfort of your own home.

if you’re like me, you’ve become frustrated with attempting to follow dayton, ohio’s favorite soccer player since chris rolfe made his move to denmark’s aalborg in january.

it would be one thing if he had made a move to the premier league or the italian serie a, since the prevalent fox soccer channel would have no problem showing a few of his new club’s games a season. or maybe if he would have gone to germany or spain i could have watched him on setanta or gol tv, but only if i was rich enough to pay directv’s extravagant rates.

but noooooo… he had to go to denmark. a country that probably two-thirds of americans don’t even know exists, let alone that it has a top flight professional soccer league. i mean if it weren’t for nicklas bendtner or daniel agger, i would even venture to say that most younger american soccer fans wouldn’t know a pro from that country (my apologies to any older readers, as i’m sure you’re all screaming peter schmeichel and michael laudrup at your computer screens right now).

as a seasoned computer nerd, i’ve never really struggled to watch the matches i want to watch over the web. often times i settle for streaming video feeds to watch tottenham games, real madrid games and even euro 2008 and this winter’s african cup of nations. finding games to watch of the big leagues (EPL, la liga, serie a, ligue 1, and the bundesliga) isn’t too hard of a challenge if you put in some elbow grease. but being able to watch more obscure leagues (english championship and lower, belgian superliga, etc.) can be frustrating as hell.

well, be frustrated no longer my friends, as a solution has been found. after endless searching of the tubes to find a viable way to watch live danish games, courtesy of chris’ brother jon, i’m going to deliver you several easy steps so that you too can watch rolfe play live on your computer screen.

a quick warning: this method of watching games requires you to download third party software. wrong side of the pond and d.j. are not responsible for any malware that may or may not be included in the download link i provide you. as a caveat, i use a mac for all of my personal computing needs, so viruses are not really an issue for me. but for all of you unlucky windows users, that may not be the case. however, jon uses windows and has yet to experience any trouble. but just in case, you’ve been warned.

so follow these quick and easy steps, and you can be enjoying chris’ games in no time flat.

  1. download and install “TVU Player”
    the nice part about this solution is it’s available to both mac and pc users, so we’re leaving a relatively small number of people out in the dark (sorry linux users). download the mac version with this link (mac – click here), or the windows version with this link (pc – click here).
  2. navigate to the channel called “danish delight”
    once you have installed the TVU player, open it up and look for the search pane on the left side of the window. (it’s imperative that you use the one on the left, and not the one on the right. the one on the right seems to exist only to drive you insane, as it rarely returns search results that have any relevance to what your seeking.) in the search bar, type “danish delight” and the matching channels will show up below. there might be a “danish delight 1” and “danish delight 2″… either one could show the game, so if one doesn’t have it, the other probably will.
  3. press mute
    this one isn’t really a necessity so much as it is a strong suggestion. if you don’t speak danish (and let’s be honest, who does?), then the constant drone of scandanavian gibberish pouring from your speakers can quickly cause a migraine. the only thing i ever leave it on for is in case chris doesn’t start a game, i will leave it on just above silent so i can hear his name squeezed in between the danish mumo jumbo to let me know he will be making an appearance in the match.
  4. enjoy the show
    the other great part about the TVU player, aside from watching aalborg games of course, is that you can use it to watch just about any single game your heart desires. it’s a lot more consistent than relying on normal streaming options online (ex: http://www.justin.tv, http://www.eplsite.com, etc.).

easy as pie, right? well, the only hold up you might come across is figuring out when aalborg is actually playing. fear not again, as i’ve done my homework for you here too. below is AaB’s remaining schedule for the 2009-2010 season:

4/10 – away to AGF aarhus @ 11:00 am EST
4/14 – home against odense bk @ 12:00 pm EST
4/19 – home against esbjerg @ 3:00 pm EST
4/25 – away to københavn @ 10:00 am EST
5/2 – home against fc midtjylland @ 10:00 am EST
5/5 – away to randers fc @ 2:00 pm EST
5/9 – away to brøndby @ 9:00 am EST
5/16 – home against HB køge @ 9:00 am EST

there you have it, i can’t really do anything else for you on this front. don’t call yourself a real fan of chris’ now unless you at least watch one game.


  1. Thank you so much!! I had already downloaded TVU player but had not had time to play around with it. Ralph had given me the link earlier but we have been too busy with my daughter’s own soccer to do anymore. I also really appreciate you taking the time give us the EST times for the games. You are a life saver because we have been trying hard to catch a few games!!

    From a whole family of fans in Kettering!!

    The Stedman’s


  2. The lady who just posted must be deluded, DJ, if she thinks you are such a GREAT guy!! Anyway, nice job. Looks like we might get to see him on the pitch tomorrow but we’ll wait and see.


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