ten words or less #96

Frank Lampard of Manchester City

just one of the cornucopia of stories that came out just this past weekend: frank lampard’s manchester city debut.

As Americans, we’ve reached a weird point in the soccer calendar. Just as we’re getting warmed up to and getting a feel for the European season, we’re getting to “squeaky bum time” in the MLS season with the playoffs just around the corner. And because of that, it sure seems like there’s more news pouring out of the sport than ever. But worry not, WSOTP has been scouring the web to bring you the picks of the litter. So dive into my favorite links from around the world of football from the last week or so, and stay tuned for even more content as the week progresses.

“Spurs are not for sale”, but a bid’s been received. – tottenhamhotspur.com

Joel Campbell has enough time to create a sports website. – sports.bycampbell.com

Robbing the rich and giving it to the… rich. – independent.co.uk

Gothamist get’s Don Garber to dish on all things MLS. – gothamist.com

Lighting up a pitch by capturing power from the players. – cbsnews.com

The 50 best players according to FIFA 15. – theguardian.com

Every USLPRO side pays for playoff travel expenses. – recklesschallenge.net

Don’t expect a soccer specific stadium in Boston anytime soon. – boston.com

Finally an alternative solution to watching Bundesliga in the US. – bundesligafanatic.com

So “Chivas TBD” might take a year or two off. – si.com


ten words or less #89

DC United forward Chris Rolfe

friend of WSOTP, chris rolfe will find himself in new digs this weekend after being traded from chicago to DC.

It’s been ages since my last links round up piece — okay, so it’s just been over a month. But a month can seem like ages in a house with an infant. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I needed to get this latest Ten Words or Less published before some of the links below become no longer relevant. And with the collection of links below spanning nearly the entire spectrum of professional soccer — from World Cup stories to the Premier League, from the Major Indoor Soccer League to USLPRO to Major League soccer, and from footie gear to soccer broadcasting — this is a links round up not to miss.

To new beginnings. – mlssoccer.com

Ian Darke stars in probably the best ESPN commercial ever. – youtube.com/espn

I really wish Chelsea would stop making kits I like. – footballfashion.org

The MISL is dissolving and it’s getting really ugly. – thebluestatement.com

BeIN Sport have made a vuvezela that changes the channel. – therichest.com

I am 100% behind making this the next MLS rebrand. – thegoatparade.com

Please don’t tell me this is a permanent home. – daytondutchlionsfc.com

Some people prefer Spanish commentary… I’m not one of them. – npr.org

I’m a non believer, but these football Tarot Cards rock. – designfootball.com

Some day… Nike will send me these, too. Some day. – theoriginalwinger.com

ten words or less #88

Alan Pardew Headbutting David Meyler

from some angles, you could see how it looks like pardew and meyler were just having an intimate moment. howard webb even looks jealous.

It’s been a big week here at WSOTP, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world of football has stopped spinning. Champions League knockout round first legs wrapped up, European action abounded, World Cup news continued streaming, MLS preseason concluded, not to mention the upcoming round of international friendlies on the horizon. And when I wasn’t busy soaking up all of the attention of dropping an announcement of my own, I did manage some time to jot down some of my favorite links in between my moments in the limelight. And no, nothing has gone to my head. So enjoy the links, plebians.

ESPN/ABC schedule for the World Cup… better schedule vacation now.
– espnmediazone.com

Landon makes me laugh and respect him more at once. – kckrs.com

Such an afterthought, even its cup is shitty. – vine.com

I’m really surprised we haven’t seen this already. Ingenious. – fcbusiness.co.uk

Hey Nike… quit teasing us and show us the boots! – youtube.com/nikesoccer

The only Chivas USA re-brand that really makes sense. – theoriginalwinger.com

I miss you, Gareth. – reddit.com/r/soccer

Re-igniting the “is heading bad for brains” debate. – cnn.com

Someone get this for me for Oktoberfest this year. – football-shirts.co.uk

The Crew win a (preseason) trophy! – thecrew.com

one small step for man, one giant leap for WSOTP

Wrong Side of the Pond... commentating a game near you.

Looking back over what has become a nearly been a five year endeavor, Wrong Side of the Pond has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Originally, it was nothing more than a way for me to pass the time while living in a new town. And I can easily say that I would have never imagined at the time that my blog would grow to have well over a thousand Twitter followers or nearly five hundred Facebook likes. And to see it evolve to become a resource for people to find a place to watch and share beers with fellow supporters, have it gain me media credentials at MLS stadiums around the country, or co-host a weekly podcast? Well, that’s just mind-blowing.

However I’d also be lying if I said that, deep down, I didn’t have dreams of it some day becoming more.

I’ve always had a desire to somehow stay involved with the game I grew up with and that gave so much to me. Yeah, I still play regularly. But as my fitness and athleticism fade with age, sharing all of the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years of playing and studying soccer seemed like the logical next step. There have definitely been some lucky breaks here and there, too. Bundle all of that with a desire to create and share, and maybe the blog and its growth makes a bit more sense after all.

So with all of that in mind, today, I’m pleased to announce the next very exciting stage in the site’s evolution…

WSOTP - Blog - Cincy Saints Announcement 2.fw

Wrong Side of the Pond will be partnering with the Cincinnati Saints for the upcoming National Premier Soccer League season and beyond!

Specifically, my fellow WSOTP Podcast co-host Jeremy Lance and I will provide the official live match commentary for all home broadcasts for the Saints’ 2014 NPSL campaign. In addition to calling the matches at Over-the-Rhine’s Stargel Stadium, we’ll also provide pre-game, half time and post-match analysis and content alongside sideline reporter Amy Hellkamp. More information about broadcast availability will be forthcoming, but for the time being, every home match will at least be available via a free live stream on YouTube — which I’ll be adding as a link in the sidebar prior to the season.

Furthermore, we will also be working together on a number of marketing endeavors to help further exposure of both the Saints and WSOTP. Exciting things are already in the works, so keep your eyes on this space for further updates in the weeks to come.

In short, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and I know we’re all excited to see where things go from here. Many thanks to everyone who’s supported us along the way, and we look forward to cheering on the Saints with you in the summer!

The Saints will be embarking on their inaugural season in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), a semi-professional soccer league in the fourth tier of the American soccer pyramid. Founded in 2009, the Saints organization also features a men’s indoor side — competing tomorrow in the Professional American Soccer League (PASL) playoffs — as well as women’s indoor and outdoor sides, too. For outdoor matches, the black and blue will call Taft High School’s Stargel Stadium near downtown Cincinnati home. The first home match of the season will kick off at 7:30pm on Friday, May 23rd. Click here to see a schedule of matches.

If you want to read the full press announcement on the Cincinnati Saints’ website, feel free to click here.

ten words or less #87

never forgotten, manchester united’s darkest day inspires the club to this day.

A week of travel for the real world job has cut into my football life this week. But worry not, I still have some goods for you this week. But before I get into my favorite links from the last week or so, allow me a quick moment to pay my respects to the “Busby Babes” of Manchester United that died in 56 years ago yesterday in the Munich Air Disaster. Regarded as the greatest tragedy in United’s long illustrious history, nine players — Roger Byrne, Tommy Taylor and David Pegg along with Eddie Colman, Mark Jones, Bill Whelan, Geoff Bent and Duncan Edwards — coach Bert Whalley, trainer Tom Curry and club secretary Walter Crickmer were all killed along with eight journalists. That a club could ever bounce back from such a catastrophe is mind blowing in its own right, let alone the heights that Red Devils have been able to scale since.

That said, on with the links!

You can still watch the Premier League during the Olympics. – broadwayworld.com

“Six degrees of… Bruce Arena”? – lagalaxy.com

Brazil’s biggest clubs support Brazil ahead of the World Cup.
– footballshirtculture.com

This is brilliant business by the American third tier league. – uslpro.uslsoccer.com

West Ham clearly don’t understand the laws of the game. – telegraph.co.uk

Hey Mr. Precourt… M.Willis took care of your Crew rebranding. – mwillis.com

Playing in Manaus this summer won’t be that bad. – inbedwithmaradona.com

Beckham’s announcement was little more than a political pep rally.
– miamiherald.com

Love for one’s club extends even into death. – itv.com

Though unlikely, I already hate the rumored “LA Gunners”.
– prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com

WSOTP pod: episode 23

eto’o finding his scoring boots is just one of the many topics discussed on this week’s podcast.

The latest episode of the Wrong Side of the Pond Podcast — slightly delayed as D.J. continues to man the editing while Jeremy’s computer is out of commission — is finally available for our listening enjoyment. It worked out well, as it allowed the guys ample time to reflect upon an interesting weekend full of Eto’o goals, missed calls and continued Manchester United misery. In addition to the normal Premier League action run down, the guys also dip their toes into the MLS SuperDraft, the latest national soccer broadcasting news and ugly kits and crests.

Subscribe to the WSOTPpod on iTunes or Stitcher.

ten words or less #85

Eddie Johnson is leaving Seattle for DC United

EJ heading to DC highlights a busy off season week for Major League Soccer.

With the hectic Christmas football calendar about to kick off and the transfer window to follow shortly after, it seemed prudent to get a Ten Words or Less in so we’ll have ample room in the next one to cover the all of the upcoming commotion. But that doesn’t mean this week has been devoid of anything interesting. There’s been Spurs drama to deal with, MLS offseason player movements, and a barely even a peep out of not just me about the FIFA Club World Cup going on in Morocco.

And just in case you missed it, I’ve also opened up a competition for you to win a free, personalized retro Tottenham kit from the good folks over at Campo Retro. Just registering will net you a discount, so it’s worth a punt.

The new Nike Boca Juniors kit is the stuff of dreams. – 101greatgoals.com

The latest chapter in the Book of Daniel (Levy). – dearmrlevy.com

He likely isn’t the first, and won’t be the last. – theoffside.com

DC United letting their fans pick their beer’s can design. – dcunited.com

Kompany couldn’t do this again if he tried. Unlucky. – imgur.com

Wahl just dropped a peg or two in my book. – awfulannouncing.com

Defoe to Toronto for $10 million? SOLD! – torontosun.com

Players association trying to revolutionize the transfer system. – fifpro.org

Google the front runner for the next MLS/US soccer TV deal? – prosoccertalk.com

This is David Nugent… chasing a squirrel. – kckrs.com

ten words or less #82

it’s fair to say that mexico are feeling very thankful this morning.

So, about last night? Pardon my french, but last night was fucking crazy. While World Cup qualifying drama reared its head in both Europe and South America, the real drama was saved for those of us here in CONCACAF. In a space of just two minutes, Mexico — who lost 2-to Costa Rica — went from not qualifying for their first World Cup in 24 years to being back in thanks to an injury time equalizer by none other than their hated rivals to the north. The unexpected swing in fortunes induced the now-famous maniacal response from Mexican commentator Christian Martinoli, which just so happens to be the first link below. And it felt eerily similar to Manchester City’s last-gasp title-winning goal in the Premier League two seasons ago.

Anyway, the magic of yesterday’s moments serves as yet another excellent reason for why this is such an amazing sport. If you couldn’t get into that madness, then you likely lack a pulse.

“We love you forever and ever! God Bless America!” – businessinsider.com

De nada, México. De nada. – bumpypitch.com

Will the US bid for 2026? If rules are redefined. – si.com

Why Januzaj likely isn’t United’s next Pogba or Morrision. – strettynews.com

8bit Football drops a killer historical USMNT effort. – 8bit-football.com

Chivas USA are actually looking for their own home. – mlssoccer.com

Qatar just sounds delightful, doesn’t it? – spiegel.de

Spain’s national team more like the USMNT than you’d think. – soccernet.com

Did Arsenal’s 2014/2015 Puma kits just leak out? – footballshirtculture.com

Organizing and finding pickup games is about to get easier. – kckrs.com

introducing: the WSOTP pod

Who didn’t see this coming? To me at least, it seemed inevitable. It’s almost as if it was destiny that Wrong Side of the Pond should evolve to provide this long debated offering. And though it’s come earlier than expected, the time is now…

WSOTP Podcast

Witness the birth of the Wrong Side of the Pond Podcast!

That’s right kids: if you aren’t lucky enough to know me personally, you finally get to hear the voice of the man who’s words you’ve been reading for the last four years. It’s a glorious voice too, so prepare to be impressed. However if you somehow don’t find my discourse to your liking — whether for tone or my continuous ramblings on Spurs — worry not! I’ll also be joined by the sultry voice of co-host and fellow soccer fanatic Jeremy Lance (@JeremyLance) of local radio station WMOH 1450. Not only will Jeremy lend a professional touch to the pod with his broadcasting background and deep knowledge of the game, but as a Chelsea fan, he’ll be there to nullify my biases and provide a alternative viewpoint for us to bicker over.

Our topics of discussion, just like WSOTP blog, will span the wide world of football. Though we’ll predictably tend to focus on the Premier League, MLS and the US Soccer teams, we’ll also pepper in our thoughts on the “local” soccer scene and feature a bar each week from the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas. 

Just like any other podcast, you can either listen in right here within the post, or you can subscribe to the feed in iTunes (coming soon) so you listen on your iPod or iPad, as well as through any number of Android phone/tablet podcast apps. So turn up your speakers or grab your headphones, and enjoy the very first episode of the WSOTP Pod!

WSOTP Pod: Season 1 Episode 1 – It All Starts Here
In the first ever edition of the pod, D.J. and Jeremy delve into a boatload of topics: Premier League preseason predictions, the effects of NBC’s landmark Premier League coverage, a round-up of the summer transfer window, the recent change in the Columbus Crew’s ownership and a WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas spotlight on Rhinehaus in Cincinnati.

ten words or less #69

Tottenham's Gareth Bale celebrates scoring against Arsenal

look at the joy and elation on every single face in this photograph. including the face of one gareth frank bale.

While I don’t want to gloat over Tottenham’s North London Derby victory on Sunday, I am going to bask in the glory of that victory for just a moment. I want to marvel at Gareth Bale — while we still have him, at least. Can I also shine a spotlight on André Villas-Boas, who so many had doubted, decried and dismissed for a recall of his predecessor before he had even had a chance to prove himself? And too, maybe I should take a second to apologize to Daniel Levy, the man I often attacked during Spurs inactivity during transfer windows. Because right now, sitting in third after a 12 game run that’s gone WTWWWTTTWWWW, I’m feeling pretty good about Spurs.

Though with a tricky trip to Anfield to face a surging Liverpoolside at the weekend — not to mention a Europa League match against our old friends Inter in the midweek — things could go off track quickly if Spurs get too far ahead of themselves. So if for no other reason than to get my mind out of the clouds, here are some of other links to keep me from daydreaming of greatness quite yet.

One reason why Bale is taking the world by storm. – guardian.co.uk

Soccer once had the mighty MLB shaking in it’s boots. – twitter.com/pothunting

This USMNT 2002 photo shoot will haunt your dreams. – nytimes.com

Stylish playmaker prints to hang on your wall. – behance.net

Commitment to a soccer publication can change your life. – inbedwithmaradona.com

Brian Phillips’ intriguing take on El Diego’s past and present. – grantland.com

Alexi discusses football corruption, simulation on the Colbert Report. – colbertnation.com

Berba’s talents are literally endless. – dirtytackle.net

Can’t complain about not being able to watch games anymore. – giltedgesoccer.com

Alright… who wants to get me this? – whoareyadesigns.com