Introducing: the WSOTP Pod

Who didn’t see this coming? To me at least, it seemed inevitable. It’s almost as if it was destiny that Wrong Side of the Pond should evolve to provide this long debated offering. And though it’s come earlier than expected, the time is now…

WSOTP Podcast

Witness the birth of the Wrong Side of the Pond Podcast!

That’s right kids: if you aren’t lucky enough to know me personally, you finally get to hear the voice of the man who’s words you’ve been reading for the last four years. It’s a glorious voice too, so prepare to be impressed. However if you somehow don’t find my discourse to your liking — whether for tone or my continuous ramblings on Spurs — worry not! I’ll also be joined by the sultry voice of co-host and fellow soccer fanatic Jeremy Lance (@JeremyLance) of local radio station WMOH 1450. Not only will Jeremy lend a professional touch to the pod with his broadcasting background and deep knowledge of the game, but as a Chelsea fan, he’ll be there to nullify my biases and provide a alternative viewpoint for us to bicker over.

Our topics of discussion, just like WSOTP blog, will span the wide world of football. Though we’ll predictably tend to focus on the Premier League, MLS and the US Soccer teams, we’ll also pepper in our thoughts on the “local” soccer scene and feature a bar each week from the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas. 

Just like any other podcast, you can either listen in right here within the post, or you can subscribe to the feed in iTunes (coming soon) so you listen on your iPod or iPad, as well as through any number of Android phone/tablet podcast apps. So turn up your speakers or grab your headphones, and enjoy the very first episode of the WSOTP Pod!

WSOTP Pod: Season 1 Episode 1 – It All Starts Here
In the first ever edition of the pod, D.J. and Jeremy delve into a boatload of topics: Premier League preseason predictions, the effects of NBC’s landmark Premier League coverage, a round-up of the summer transfer window, the recent change in the Columbus Crew’s ownership and a WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas spotlight on Rhinehaus in Cincinnati.

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