ten words or less #87

never forgotten, manchester united’s darkest day inspires the club to this day.

A week of travel for the real world job has cut into my football life this week. But worry not, I still have some goods for you this week. But before I get into my favorite links from the last week or so, allow me a quick moment to pay my respects to the “Busby Babes” of Manchester United that died in 56 years ago yesterday in the Munich Air Disaster. Regarded as the greatest tragedy in United’s long illustrious history, nine players — Roger Byrne, Tommy Taylor and David Pegg along with Eddie Colman, Mark Jones, Bill Whelan, Geoff Bent and Duncan Edwards — coach Bert Whalley, trainer Tom Curry and club secretary Walter Crickmer were all killed along with eight journalists. That a club could ever bounce back from such a catastrophe is mind blowing in its own right, let alone the heights that Red Devils have been able to scale since.

That said, on with the links!

You can still watch the Premier League during the Olympics. – broadwayworld.com

“Six degrees of… Bruce Arena”? – lagalaxy.com

Brazil’s biggest clubs support Brazil ahead of the World Cup.
– footballshirtculture.com

This is brilliant business by the American third tier league. – uslpro.uslsoccer.com

West Ham clearly don’t understand the laws of the game. – telegraph.co.uk

Hey Mr. Precourt… M.Willis took care of your Crew rebranding. – mwillis.com

Playing in Manaus this summer won’t be that bad. – inbedwithmaradona.com

Beckham’s announcement was little more than a political pep rally.
– miamiherald.com

Love for one’s club extends even into death. – itv.com

Though unlikely, I already hate the rumored “LA Gunners”.
– prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com

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