WSOTP pod: episode 25

WSOTP Podcast - Season 1 Episode 25
a sight that no newcastle fan wanted to see may have been one of the biggest moves of the transfer window.

Much has transpired since the last episode of the WSOTP Pod was published, so the boys had lots to talk about yet again. Two whole rounds of Premier League action went down, which we’ll spend ample time talking about. The US men’s national team had a friendly match squeezed in there too, despite it not being an international break. Also, MLS preseason has kicked off all around the country — well, at least the warmer parts — along with rumors of an impending Miami expansion announcement. And let’s not forget the January Transfer Window slamming shut… though there’s less there to talk about than you would think. And if you’re a fan of late 90’s British pop music, you might just find some extra joy in Episode 25!

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    1. Yes, this is a free podcast! You can find us by searching for “Wrong Side of the Pond” in most major podcasting apps, or you can download and find us in the Stitcher Radio App. Enjoy!


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