You know what’s completely absurd? A club that has 71 players on their books. Seventy-one players: that’s slightly more than enough to field six whole match day squads. The club with seventy-one players, at least according to their Wikipedia page: West London’s finest, Chelsea Football Club. Granted, a decent haul of those players are currently […]

Much has transpired since the last episode of the WSOTP Pod was published, so the boys had lots to talk about yet again. Two whole rounds of Premier League action went down, which we’ll spend ample time talking about. The US men’s national team had a friendly match squeezed in there too, despite it not […]

Two months. Eight weeks. Sixty days. It’s not a whole lot of time no matter how you look at it. But it seems to be the magic time span these days, at least for MLS players it seems. Whether urged on by Klinsmann’s pleas for American players to get more time in competitive playing environments, […]