ten words or less

so as i mentioned in my last post, i’ve had some trouble with the volume of links that i’d like to post for you all to read here on the site. and frankly, it’s driving me crazy for two reasons:

thought he's been a bust in manchester, there were some great days for berbatov in north london
  1. there are so many quality links out there, that i feel like i’m cheating you if i don’t share.
  2. i feel guilty for not posting as much lately.

so i’ve developed a plan. the proposal for the problem the plagues me… a new type of semi-regular post. i’m going to call it “ten words or les,” and similar to my round-up posts, i’ll talk about the best links i’ve recently found across the web. But there’s one major rule:  i’m limiting myself to ten words to describe each link.

it’s a win-win. i get to feel less guilty and share more entertaining tidbits from the world of football i read about far too much. you get more posts.

so here we go with our first ten words or less…

sometimes, just sometimes, i really miss berbatov at the lane – youtube.com

if you use google calendar, you’ll want this before june – google.com

this will not end well – footballshirtculture.com

i think this explains the arsenal and chelsea wins – studsup.com

i wish this was real – twitter.com

i would have liked to play footie with bob – coolthings.co.uk

thank f***ing god – thesun.co.uk

i should have practiced more – visualevolution.co.uk

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