ten words or less #2

i have to imagine that avram grant is making this face after being asked if he's staying at portsmouth.

well it seems like this has become less a blog about soccer, and more a blog about apologizing for not blogging about soccer. and while i feel that my series of recent prolonged absences on the blog can be easily justified (starting a new job, moving into a new house, increased travel for work, planning for the wedding), there is no doubt that they are all nothing but silly excuses for not doing my job.

and with the world of football bursting at the seams with stories of all sorts (domestic competitions wrapping up, preliminary world cup roster announcements, early summer transfer fodder, etc.), i feel like i’ve let a lot slip through the cracks and haven’t gotten to post as much as i would like.

so again, i’ll take the lazy road out to — if nothing else — make myself feel better. so here comes my second edition of ten words or less.

an old firm derby… at fenway? – washingtonpost.com

at least the juve duo are familiar with 2nd divisions – soccernet.com

trying to avoid jewish jokes about penny pinching clubs – guardian.co.uk

don’t worry: south africa has the beer covered this summer – news24.com

spurs’ new kits confirmed in leaked promo picture – footballshirtculture.com

don’t like the new USMNT jerseys? it could be worse – classicfootballshirts.com

things are getting crazy on merseyside – times.co.uk

finally, some lavish spending that makes sense – goal.com

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