i know i owe you a full length post, but i’m going to be honest. i’ve just not had the time to put one through that meets my extremely low high expectations this week. so while the drafts in my column queue are fermenting to the point where they’re appropriate for consumption by the masses, […]

is it bad that i think a total of four posts in the last two weeks is a “flurry” of activity on the blog?¬†yes, yes it is very bad. downright depressing even. so to help put myself at ease, i need to post again. because five posts is way better than four. and because i […]

well it seems like this has become less a blog about soccer, and more a blog about apologizing for not blogging about soccer. and while i feel that my series of recent prolonged absences on the blog can be easily justified (starting a new job, moving into a new house, increased travel for work, planning […]

did you ever happen to see the british soap opera dream team? any american readers who have fox soccer channel have probably stumbled upon the drama based around the fictional football club “harchester united.” it was an awful show, as most soaps tend to be, full of murder, lies, deceptions and fraud. to me, it […]

there’s just too much going on in the world of football for me to even keep up lately, which is just a part of the reason why i started up the twitter account (don’t forget to follow me @wrongsideofpond!). world qualifiers have dominated the headlines the last week or so, but the league’s are picking […]

there are only about a million things i want to write about, though madrid’s first loss of the season and tottenham’s slump in form have me less enthusiastic about detailing their misfortunes. however, my life has been super busy the last few weeks and there hasn’t been as much time to write as i would […]