ten words or less #5

is it bad that i think a total of four posts in the last two weeks is a “flurry” of activity on the blog? yes, yes it is very bad. downright depressing even.

so to help put myself at ease, i need to post again. because five posts is way better than four. and because i know you’re all starving for links to football goodies from around the globe, i think this is the perfect time for another ten words or less column.

real underdogs are semi-pro and from papau new guinea. – soccernet.com

it’s time to stop laughing at pompey. poor bastards. – guardian.co.uk

dear juventus, bono does not care for your football. – thespoiler.co.uk

new france manager blanc slaps his players on the wrist. – bbc.co.uk

are this year’s kits retro chic or plain advertising space? – guardian.co.uk

can’t become a football icon in europe? try vietnam. – si.com

‘arry’s right… loaning players to MLS is brilliant. – goal.com

apparently it was not “kick-a-ref day” in china. – theoffside.com

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