Between them, India and China house a staggering 36% of the world’s population. They’re the only two countries in the world with over a billion people living within their borders, with the next closest country boasting only a “paltry” 312 million (Hooray, 3rd place U.S.A.). The general consensus amongst the “experts” is that the two […]

sorry for the long wait for a new post everyone, i’ve been a busy boy the last week. whatever you do, please don’t construe that to mean that i’ve been off pulling a rooney (or crouch, or cole, or terry or…). my wife wouldn’t find that funny. so in lieu of searching out each reader […]

is it bad that i think a total of four posts in the last two weeks is a “flurry” of activity on the blog?¬†yes, yes it is very bad. downright depressing even. so to help put myself at ease, i need to post again. because five posts is way better than four. and because i […]