ten words or less #8

a quick fyi... this team has NOT been in bahrain in a while.

sorry for the long wait for a new post everyone, i’ve been a busy boy the last week. whatever you do, please don’t construe that to mean that i’ve been off pulling a rooney (or crouch, or cole, or terry or…). my wife wouldn’t find that funny. so in lieu of searching out each reader and coaxing a vow of silence out of each of you, how about i appease you with a quick ten words or less?

this. would. SUCK. – caughtoffside.com

what freaking century is this!?!? – dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

mental note: make sure other team is real. – indianexpress.com

dead on. – talksport.co.uk

change title to “emirates state of mind”. – caughtoffsides.com

bribes in china? gasp… no way. – unprofessionfoul.com

raul mierles, PBR, phil collins in the same football story. -fistedaway.wordpress.com

maybe staying with crouchie wasn’t just for a meal ticket. – kickette.com

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