ten words or less #6

i know i owe you a full length post, but i’m going to be honest. i’ve just not had the time to put one through that meets my extremely low high expectations this week. so while the drafts in my column queue are fermenting to the point where they’re appropriate for consumption by the masses, i’ll give you a new ten words or less as an appetizer.

bruce wayne is... pablo aurrecochea?

harry redknapp: jay-z fan. who knew? – fourfourtwo.com

andriy shevchenko: football’s foremost gypsy. – youtube.com

no, i am BATMAN. – dirtytackle @ yahoo sports

are we that surprised? i mean it is the championship. – whoateallthepies.tv

spurs fans, meet your newest hero. – youtube.com

funny club names. excuse the poor english. – funnyfootballstuff.co.uk

does anyone understand italian transfers… anyone!? – unprofessionalfoul.com

joey barton, would a pedophile’s moustache really help your image? – caughtoffside.com

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