ten words or less #11

an overly liverpool and rooney filled post for you this saturday. i would type more, but i’m busy watching this stunning west ham-arsenal match. can someone please explain to me how robert green hasn’t fudged one of his amazing saves yet?

the only person not lauging at this? rafa benitez. – reddit.com/r/soccer

this was NEVER going to happen. – soccernet.com

your club is broke if you bumb rides from rockstars. – deadspin.com

define “jumping the gun.” – dailymail.co.uk

ronaldo. <looks down, shakes head.> – footballshirtculture.com

bad idea: suing your employers. – dailymail.co.uk

video evidence of an ass kicking. – youtube.com

it hurts worse when it’s from mum. – i don’t remember where this came from

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