ten words or less #13

Damn the holidays. Traveling to and from to get to all of my family Christmas celebrations, meeting with old friends who are back in town to see their families, and late night alcohol consumption have made it difficult for me to sit in front of a computer, let alone quit being lazy and start posting some new content for your reading enjoyment. (That was a horrendously long run-on sentence. Sorry about that.) So to further my quest to remain eternally lazy, here’s a short Ten Words or Less to tide you over.

Why getting old sucks (and is awesome): Reason #893. – therunofplay.com

Divine blood runs through this child’s veins. – vimeo.com

I’d rather have Akron’s Caleb Porter running an academy. – foxsports.com

There’s still hope that I could land a Premiership job. – telegraph.co.uk

CD9 recovery not quite as far as long as reported? – soccerbyives.com

Can I get this delivered in the US?! – thegreensoccerjounal.com

This really makes me want to play futsal. – studs-up.com

The French make me LOL. – tomwfootball.com

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