On the latest edition of the Pondcast, the boys run the gamut of the footballing landscape. Not only do the delve into last weekend’s round of Premier League fixtures — including the Manchester sides’ returns to form, Soldado actually scoring for Spurs and why everyone seems to be picking on Liverpool — and the completion of the […]

There are few common cliches that ring more true than the phrase, “everybody makes mistakes.” We humans are imperfect beings, and our propensity to make mistakes undeniably written into our genetic code. While we can come close to perfection, everyone has their own fatal flaw or skeleton in their closet that helps to level the […]

champions league football has understandably dominated the presses lately, even though the premier league is currently the most drama fueled competition on the planet. and as is usually the case when european competition rears its head, i’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all of these different story lines to attempt to follow. with that in mind, […]

Damn the holidays. Traveling to and from to get to all of my family Christmas celebrations, meeting with old friends who are back in town to see their families, and late night alcohol consumption have made it difficult for me to sit in front of a computer, let alone quit being lazy and start posting […]

    i’ve been lazy. really lazy. here’s the ten words or less from last week. it’s ridiculous how long it took me to post this. i apologize. i’m not the only one with a gareth bale crush. – sportsillustrated.com please, tell me WTF is going on here. – thespoiler.co.uk a valid complaint, but aren’t […]

the world’s most boring transfer window ever has come and gone, and i’m still feeling a bit jilted from the entire experience. as much as i think it’s a good thing that the world of football is finally being a bit more responsible (or maybe everyone is flat broke?), i still wish there would have been […]

the build it up for this summer’s world cup has been, at times, agonizingly slow. this was especially true after last year’s drama-filled confederations cup and qualifying campaigns. don’t get me wrong, i’m thoroughly enjoying this european season. there’s been an near infinite amount of drama on that front as well (where to start? ghana […]

after the big draw in cape town, most of the footballing world already has it’s sights set firmly on next summer. but fret not, i haven’t completely cast my gaze upon big event, and have scrounged up some interesting and somewhat obscure happenings from around the footballing landscape. grecians paved way despite kick in teeth […]