ten words or less #14

f.a. cup success sometimes tastes like punches. just ask stevenage's scott laird.

It’s been a fun weekend thanks to the FA Cup, with the world’s oldest football knockout tournament providing a steady stream of great results and entertaining matches (unless you count the drab affair between Man United and Liverpool… snoozefest). If you’re like me, you’re still trying to digest everything that happened this weekend and don’t need to do any heavy thinking. So here’s a quick TWOL to give you some easy reading… no heavy thinking required.

All-time Adidas vs. All-time Nike. who wins? –  footy-boots.com

Nerd alert: I love the design of this blog. – unitedrant.co.uk

Dear Scousers: you probably deserve this. – studs-up.com

Legend. – bbc.co.uk

The Rock’s signature face is Italian at heart. – wikipedia.com

Pretty slick work from a kid with too much time. – youtube.com

How true. – blog.umbro.com

Know your London football supporters. – reddit.com/user/Larph


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