round up #27

i promise that transfer rumors will not dominate the following paragraphs. however, please proceed with caution, as i’m not making a promise that there will be no transfer rumors.

honestly, i'm going to need some sort of proof before i can believe this statement.

is kenny dalglish really cooler than the fonz? –
seriously, someone answer this question for me. i’m clearly too young to remember dalglish’s exploits while he was slipping on the famous red strip, and i wasn’t engrossed in the european game when king kenny first held the kop’s managerial reigns. sure, i’ve read his CV, and get that he navigated the club through troubled waters. however, in the lead up to his recent appointment, you would have thought that the man was walking on water and causing lazarus — er, torres — to come back from the dead.

in the few matches that he’s been in charge, we’re still seeing an uninspired liverpool side that clearly is a middle-of-the-table club. and it’s not exactly like he’s causing any noticeable fervor in the transfer market at this point either, with reds being linked with such “hot-prospects” such as: aston villa winger stuart downing (an older, less-pacy adam johnson if you will), the overly-hyped carlton cole of west ham (when was the last time he was either healthy, or scoring loads of goals?), or bayern’s over-the-hill mark van bommel (who has already said no to anfield). to be honest, i’m just failing to see why everyone think’s dalglish is the perfect answer to all of liverpool’s ills… or cooler than this guy for that matter.

redknapp goes from sublime to ridiculous –
don’t you just hate it when someone goes ahead and makes you feel stupid? i do. yet, the telegraph’s steve wilson does a great job of making me feel that way in this piece. i’ve been huffing and puffing about the last 24 hours, all worked into a tizzy by the persistent rumors of tottenham chasing phil neville. i can stand phil neville about as much as i can stand gary neville… who i hate. the brothers are both bastards, always pulling/grabbing/pushing and doing so while telling you to fuck off. the thought of him pulling on the majestic lillywhite kit makes me want to vomit because he makes my skin crawl. i don’t want to sign him for this reason.

but what wilson went and pointed out is that he’s exactly the type of player that tottenham needs right now: an experienced one. and just like i pointed out in my post a few days ago about why it would be good to sign david beckham on loan, tottenham need experienced players like neville right now. the guy has anchored one of the most successful non-big 4 sides in the premiership over the last 5 years, and his manager is not keen to sell for a reason. throw in that he’s capable of playing in multiple weak spots on the pitch, and he starts to really make sense. but it doesn’t mean i have to like it.

whitecaps near deal for derby midfielder savage –
oh you have got to be kidding me. on paper, a lot of signing robbie savage seems like a good idea. the league isn’t exactly known for harboring skill but instead for it’s physical style of play, so anyone who follows english football will know that this suits robbie’s style of play perfectly. sure he’ll bring loads of experience to a team that will likely be very young. but aside from that, it’s not like he’s going to pour in the goals or be a maestro artistically pulling the strings for the entire squad.

really what sucks the most about savage possibly coming here is that he never shuts up. on twitter, on tv, on the radio… it doesn’t freaking matter. if vancouver waste a designated player spot on their roster on robbie, their foray into the world of top flight north american soccer could get off to a disastrous spot. or maybe i’m just overreacting; who knows.

qatar’s world cup spending spree –
i will never quit bitching about this, ever. the fact that the world media hasn’t given up on it yet either gives me faith in humanity, especially after the atrocity of a desert country being awarded a summer tournament. if it weren’t for the fact that everyone else in the world seems to think a qatar world cup is a horrid idea, i would feel inclined to stop following football all together. ok, so that might be a stretch.

anyway, this article does a great job of outlining just how the qatari bid went about circumventing the rules to buy world cup. i would have to imagine that these allegations are just like an iceburg… we’re only seeing about 15% of what they did, while the other 85% of their corruption is still below the waterline. at least that’s what i’m hoping. not that more allegations would make any difference in where that world cup is held, but at least it could tarnish its reputation to be known as the most corrupt tournament in world cup history moving forward.

10 funny football wikipedia edits –
ahh, the art of trolling never grows old to me. it will always make me giggle regardless of whether it’s web mercenaries raining pizza’s on those who are a-holes on the internet or general facebook tomfoolery. one of the longest forms of trolling on the internet has been to change the descriptions of public personas on the oft-cited wikipedia. this article does a great job of showing some of the better edits in recent memory… well at least the ones that were discovered before they were taken down.

but what is disappointing though, is those anonymous editors didn’t grab the bull by the horns and make some stark accusations. some ideas that i would like to see (but never edit… i’m no troll) include:

  • adding  a detailed section on cristiano ronaldo’s ability to cry to his profile.
  • updating wayne rooney’s entire page to be simply a picture of rooney on a milk carton’s missing ad.
  • something about messi’s love of legos.
  • an update to the page for gareth bale that includes a section linking him with the family line of jesus.
  • any sort of changes to the profile of sam allardyce that makes fun of him… i don’t really care what.

this list could literally go on forever.

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