ten words or less #15

now, which one are you? rafael? fabio? does your manager even know? oh who cares, just get in there.

for a change, i will not talk about anything tottenham or transfer related in this post. none of the following links will cover those topics, for real. consider yourself both lucky and blessed.

some love for a fellow former-dayton resident’s footie blog. – goonersharks.wordpress.com

brad friedel is broke. :( – whoateallthepies.tv

maradona vs. valderrama… in the present. – youtube.com

mourinho’s prematch reports are… a sign of OCD. – bragafut.com

horrid anniversary kits. and where are dude’s boots? – footballshirtculture.com

this is awesome: la furia roja simpson-ized. – reddit.com/user/maese

sir alex is a bastard. – fourfourtwo.com

“mcdonaldization,” while a sweet word, is concerning to me. – inbedwithmaradona.com

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