ten words or less #20

in the future, it might not be the best idea for this dad to bring his son to craven cottage.

it’s time for another international break and i’m already bored of it. not even marquee match ups like england-wales, usa-argentina, nor cyprus-iceland have tickled my fancy. so in an effort to help you find something interesting to read while redknapp and speed argue over who hurt bale first, here read these:

someone please explain to me how this will work. – football-italia.net

craven cottage just became a lot less safe for kids. – thespoiler.co.uk

i suddenly want to go to practice. – dezeen.com

stupid scum, but you have to admire his club loyalty. – yahoo.com

even gods like to play amongst mere mortals. – youtube.com

i wish our country had this kind of passion. – myphotographytutorials.com

so what happens when higuaín comes back? – guardian.co.uk

david luiz: “i like turtles” kid all grown up. – youtube.com

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