ten words or less #27

pique and puyol playing dirty at the arsenal training ground.
professional dicks. can you guys give it a rest already?

i’m breaking own rules on today’s TWOL… i’m posting something other than a single picture, a short introduction, and a 8 links in less than 80 words. the horrors, right?

yup, that’s a video at the bottom. but it’s pretty outstanding, so you’ll have to pardon my lack of consistency.

why you don’t hire maradona as your manager. – surrealfootball.com

asia: wtf. – bbc.co.uk

on the debate rages… – washingtonpost.com

another game to be featured at my future soccer bar. – thebeautifulgear.com

a look back at the 2009 final for united-barcelona. – zonalmarking.net

i want to watch this before every single match. – lfc.tv

to the gallows with the man who doesn’t love stats! – inbedwithmaradona.com

so good, i had to post the video below. – vimeo.com

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