ten words or less #29

martin palermo of boca juniors
martin palermo prepares for his post-retirement gig as the superhero, "boca man".

blah blah blah, this is the introduction paragraph. i know you don’t really care what i say in this space at all. all you care about is getting to the links below. if i were to write something really important or interesting in this area, like “ke$ha is the lovechild of ryan giggs and julia roberts”, you probably wouldn’t even notice.

or would you?

getafe decided to spend their first dubai money on this!? – theoffside.com

a beginner’s guide to the transfer window. – offthepost.info

64% sure nobody from norwich has ever been to italy. – youtube.com

so, supporting tottenham means i shouldn’t trust my wife? – inbedwithmaradona.com

and now i’m a fan of the german women’s team (NSFW) – bild.de

amazed that neville doesn’t throw like a girl. – dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

lol. but seriously, enough with the 1999 talk. – theonion.com

love truly is blind: modrić got hitched this weekend. – jutarnji.ha

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