ten words or less #30

Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas
i wonder if abramovich will give mourinho-light enough time to stamp his influence on the blues.

I took a small break last week from the blog as I was having trouble balancing work, soccer, the 4th of July weekend and my 29th birthday along with my writing responsibilities. I really screwed the pooch in the lead up to that, blowing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make my 29th TWOL post on the 29th of June on my 29th birthday…. further proof that I’m really just flying by the seat of my pants with this site.

Increasingly important to remember in today’s media-driven world. – therunofplay.com

This is the shit. – thebeautifulgear.com

I found this on a college team’s website. College. – spaldingathletics.com

The funny thing is, we’ll need this. – hasandrevillasboasbeensackedyet.com

Remember when the game was this awesome? – kckrs.com

God banishes lesbians from Nigerian national team. – thespoiler.co.uk

Nike gifts golden R9 Mercurials to o Fenômeno. – facebook.com/nikefootball

A yearly Anfield ritual… rinse and repeat. – surrealfootball.com

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