i want

We human beings, regardless of which corner of the globe from which we originate, are inherently greedy little creatures. Our desire to accumulate wealth, valuables, personal effects, etc. — and the status derived from them — is the engine that drives the world. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m no different. I want stuff. Lots of it. And nearly as soon as I get something that I’ve wanted, there’s always new want to replace it almost immediately.

And it’s from this never ending desire to “want”, that I’m launching WSOTP’s newest recurring feature: I Want. Anytime something I really, really want — whether it be soccer apparel or gear, art, electronics, shoes or anything else football related — I’m going to tell you about it. I’ll quickly explain why I want it, and if you want it too, you can proceed to the end of the post for a retail link. It’s like uncrate.com, but just for footie obsessed individuals such as ourselves. So without further wait, my very first want pictured above is…

Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII FG in Sail/Soar/Challenge Red
Anyone who regularly reads the blog probably knows that I’m a huge fan of Nike boots. I haven’t worn any shoes other than Nikes as my primary boots since probably college, and almost all of those have been predominantly white themselves. So even though I really dig the “electric mango” version, my preference for the new white-flavored Vapor 8 was actually pretty predictable.

Thanks in part to my extremely narrow and tiny little girl feet, the Vapor line has been a mainstay in my shoe repertoire for quite some time. And with the raving reviews of the latest model of the boot pouring in from around the globe saying that Nike significantly improved their marquee boot, I think it’s time I end my two year run with the CTR 360’s.

CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT  |  http://www.soccer.com


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